University Program

Tomorrow’s engineers, with an edge

The Calypto University Program provides academic institutes with easy and affordable classroom access to Calypto’s leading-edge ESL software. By learning and gaining hands-on experience with Calypto products, electronic engineering graduates develop competitive and highly sought-after skills and ready themselves for the fast-paced world of ASIC design and verification.

Today, more than 120 leading colleges and universities worldwide have joined the Calypto University Program, gaining access to state-of-the-art ESL tools and techniques and giving an edge to the engineers of tomorrow. Be sure to apply to our program by clicking on "Apply" below. 



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Calypto is a proud member of the Europractice initiative, which aims to stimulate the wider exploitation of state of the art microelectronics technologies by the European industry. European Universities can contact Europractice directly for access to Calypto software.